The following are some notes extracted from wills.  Some have transcripts, and I’ll add more over time.  Medieval wills are really difficult to read.  Before the mid-1400s, they were usually in Latin, often heavily abbreviated, which is even harder, though they seemed to use better ink then.

Adam Howet of Staynlay (Stanley), Yorks 1404

Source: York Vol 3 fol 222

  • Latin, heavily abbreviated but dark enough.
  • Stanley is near Normanton and Aberford).  Mentions something in Wakefeld (Wakefield)
  • bequests to son Robert Hunslet, Alice Helay, Alice Phillip, Agnes sister? of Wm Popet, John de Helay.
  • Church of Rothwell.
  • Alice my wife, John celo carnifici ?? – executors.

Williams Huett of Grantham, Lincs 1420

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/2B

  • Latin, scan is low resolution.
  • names mentioned Ragsdale, Stonesby, Werkenhamby
  • looks like a priest
  • I can make out “domestica blada” after some unreadable names; see “blida” (blyth notts) below.

John Hewet, clerk, procurator-general of the Court of York 1454

Source: York 2-305-2.  Latin, clear.

DEREK HEWETT READING (ie as listed in his book)

  • brother Master William Hewett, clerk
  • brother John, who has son Thomas not yet of legal age
  • nephew John H who lives at Raby in Cumberland: who has son John and daus Margaret and Agnes


  • Margarete his wife
  • Master Wm Huett his brother
  • neice Johanne, wife of Holme, in Raby
  • Marg wife of Wm Stanys of York – lutist? his sister
  • Johanne, dau of sister Margaret
  • Johanne, wife of Richard Renbigyng of York, skinner – his sister
  • His son John, and John’s son Thos.  John’s daus Marg & Agnes.
  • Johanne Gillesland my neice and servant.
  • Johanne Huet my servant.
  • Thomasine my servant.
  • Master John Worsley.

John Howet buried Rodington (Ruddington), Notts 1466

Source: York V4-f253. Latin, hard copy.  Too difficult without a scan.

  • Seems to list some daughters, Robert his son? Families Watt and Tersll

William Hewyt of Beverley, Yorks 1469

Source: York V4 f137. Latin, poor at top.

  • Katherine my wife
  • Robert, Thos and Margaret children, or Robert Thorne and Margaret his wife my daughter.
  • house and shop in Hull
  • Henry Davison, Nicholas Davison
  • Henry Wrutork??
  • William Comptorm?
  • Thomas Baxter – Suthwell
  • William Jelormm? of London

John Hewett of Morehouse, Notts 1473

Source:  York 4-215  Latin.

This is near Weston-on-Trent, Derbs.

  • seems to say he’s a labourer.
  • wife Alis
  • Wm Rawson figures

Water (ie Walter) Huett, Mercer of London 1491

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/9.  Latin

  • Katherine? my wife executor

Henry Hewet 1496

Lower Hardres, Kent

  • Eliz wife
  • Margareta my dau
  • Thos my son
  • John Bronwynt or something similar

John Hewight de Halyng (Halling), Kent 1498

Source.: UK Archives PROB 11/11.  Latin.

  • Agnes wife.

This one is interesting because Lord Mayor William Hewet married a Leveson of Halling.

William Huett of Tilsworth, Beds 1500

Source: “Bedfordshire Wills”

  • son Thomas, dau Sybil
  • executors wife Alice, Jn Hebbys

John Hewett of York 1505 (Administration)

Source: York Administrations.  Latin.

  • Seems to have had another John Hewett appointed as administrator.

William Hewett, Glover of York 1507

Source: York V7-f15. Latin, difficult.

  • Johen my wife

Thomas Hewet of South Mimms, Herts 1507

Source.: UK Archives PROB 11/15.  Transcript.

He was previously of Shenley, Herts.

  • buried South Mimms, bequest to St Pauls London too.
  • bequests to churches in Shenley, Ridge, Hatfield, Sandrich.
  • Wife Dorothe
  • Robert my brother gets a house called Pratts; he’s an executor
  • Robert Pratte godson.
  • Heirs of my body when they come to lawful age.
  • Wm Alfeld of South Mimms an executor – looks like wife’s family.  In 1411, John Alfeld was a draper there.

Thomas Huett, Priest of Northampton 1508

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/16

  • buried in church of Allhallows
  • brother Wm Hewet dwelling beside Oxford
  • sister Agnes dwelling in Yorkshire

There was a Wm Huett at Oxford at 1497, of Coventry & Lichf diocese.  This included Derbyshire.

William Hught of Blida (Blyth), Notts 1510

Source: York V4 f42.  Latin, somewhat abbreviated.

  • Emote his wife
  • Thomas Hught, Robert Hught, Alexander Hught, Nicholas, Margaret and Alice my sons and daughter.
  • Robert Smyth – possibly relative of wife?
  • Hugh Whyte
  • Bartholomew Holbek
  • John Hostled
  • John Hught [a witness?]

John Hewet of Nottingham 1517

Source: York V9 f47. Latin, hard to make out

  • buried St Marys Nottingham
  • Agnes his wife
  • Eliz Cost daughter
  • No other obvious Hewets

This looks like the Mayor of Nottingham, last heard of in 1514.

Note: 1483 Thos Coste baker and Wm Howett sawyer were in trouble for playing at dice.

Note: in 1485 John Cost & John Howett were chamberlains of Nottingham

Thomas Hewytt of Westheslterton, Yorks 1518

Source: York 9-73.  Latin.

  • Johanne Hewytt my wife.
  • Son Edmund Hewyt.  Also Kat[herine?]
  • William Robynson, Robert Robynson & his wife, Edmund Kaye’s son [godson?], Wm Marshall son of Tho Marshall.

John Hewitt of Ferburn, Yorks 1520

Source: York 9-132

  • buried at Leddesham
  • Thos Hewett my brothers Thos and Wm
  • Wm my son; other children

John Hewet of Friston, Yorks 1521

Source: York 9-172

  • to my sisters and their children
  • Richard Hewet executor

John Howet of Ledesham (Ledsham), Yorks 1521

Source: York V9 f204

  • buried churchyard of Ledsham
  • frer? Robert my brother
  • Alice?? my sister
  • Wm my fader?
  • smaller bequests hard to make out

Thomas Hewet or Howett of Rainham, Kent 1523

  • wife Elyn
  • daughter Johane

William Hewett of Hatfield, Hertfordshire 1529

Source: in Derek Hewett book, p182

  • son Robert in minority
  • brother John
  • sister? Joane

Thomas Howet of Rempston, Notts 1530

Source: York V9 f480

This is near Bunny and Widmerpool

  • buried churchyard of Rempston
  • Agnes my wife
  • William my son
  • to Wilfare of Rempston a bushel of malt
  • to Radolph Cricht a ?? of malt
  • Nicholes Howet is a witness and supervisor

William Hewet of Ledsam (Ledsham),Yorks 1531

Source: York 10-74

  • buried in parish kirke of Ledsham
  • Jennet my wyf executor
  • Rychard my son
  • Elsabeth Bethows? my wife’s daughter

Thomas Howet of Edgmond (Shropshire?), 1539

Source: York Lichfield B/C/10i/2 f62

Executors (Sir) Robert Howet chaplain and Margaret, widow of Thomas.

John Hewett the younger, buried at Beaumont (assumed to be Cumbria?) c1540

Source: Lichfield D/ABW 18/36

  • wife Katye, probably Kathyrine
  • sister Eliz Waltye?
  • mother-in-law
  • Allys Collyn a chair
  • father a coat
  • bro Thos, several incl a kape and a sythe
  • Adam my brother my best doblett
  • Edmond Cheyche a chere

Interesting for possible Lancashire or Welsh links (ie to Thos Hewet the Precentor of St David’s, translator of some of the bible to Welsh)

Roger Howet of Hicklinge, Notts 1540

Source: York V11 f475

Hickling is east of Widmerpool

  • buried in churchyard of St Wilfrid in Hicklinge
  • Ann Sampfrey some sheep
  • Agnes ?? a violet jacket and a yewe and a  lambe?
  • Katheryn Howet iii sheep hoge
  • Elisabeth Howet a ??
  • Alice Englath? my sister
  • Thomas Howet my brother the Weyne (cart) and goods unbequeathed
  • John Howet my father a supervisor

John Hewet of Newton Broms 1542

Source: Northamptonshire Records Office  Transcript

  • buried in the churchyard of Newton B
  • money to the mother church of Peterborough.  To Knotting church and to Yilden? church.
  • Margaret my wyf
  • Robart my son
  • Alys my daughter
  • Wyllm my son
  • Richard my son, and his children
  • Nycolas my son.
  • Water my son.
  • Thomas Huet my son no direct bequest, but he is an executor – presume he got the land, or is clergy?

This is included because of name matches with the wider family.

William Howet of Streton (Sturton-le-Steeple?), Notts 1540

Source: York 11-475

Sturton is well to the east of Bilby.

Or it could be Skreton (Screveton)

  • buried Thorowton (Thoroton), Notts
  • sons Thos, Richard, Henry, Roger
  • daus Alice and Agnes
  • brother Robert
  • witness John Hewet

Thomas Howett of Hickling, Notts 1545

Source: York 13-64

See Roger 1540 forsame family

  • bur. Hickelynge, Notts
  • donation to Our Lady of Southwell
  • Alice Sewell?? my sister
  • Margaret my wife
  • Rang Kerrie (??) the supervisor
  • several references to James family; looks like wife’s family
  • Ranf Hewet my brother executor
  • Agnes & Kathryn my daughters
  • strikes of barley to Broughton church and Nether [???]onithton

I’ve also come across a will of John James of Hill, 1569, which mentions a cousin Thos Hewets.  See http://willsdb.gukutils.org.uk/GLS/WillsJ.html.  There was also a Will of John James (of Long Eaton?) in 1647 who was related to the Howitts of there.

Robert Hewett of Stayneton (Stanton -by-Dale?), yeoman, 1545

Source: York 13-232

  • buried in Stayneton
  • sons leonarde and john
  • anne my wife
  • daughters anne and margaret
  • Thos Hemonde my son-in-law
  • Richard Hewod son-in-law
  • bequest to Thos Hewet son of John Hewet
  • Richard my brother

Nicholes Hewytt of Bilbe (Bilby), Yorkshire 1547

Source: York V13 f325

Bilbe in parish of Blythe.  Bury in the quere (choir) of Holy Trinity Blythe.

  • Henrie Hewit my son my lands
  • Jennet my wife and Peter my son the lease of my farmolde [farmholding?] of Bilbe, but to Peter if Jennet marries again.
  • Other children Joseph Nicholas  Ursulay Margaret Dorothie and Elizabeth
  • James Bankes and his wife, Henry Thomas and Elinor Bankes, children of the said James.
  • Edmund my [servant?]
  • more minor bequests, hard to read

John Hewett of Skreton (Screveton), Notts 1550

Source: York 13-633

  • Robtt my son
  • Malde my wyf
  • Margerie Paynston/Branston my dau
  • Jayne Holme my dau
  • Agnes Garret my sister
  • Thos Howett a witness

John Hewit of Farborne, Yorks 1551

Source: Google

  • To his father a jacket.
  • Animals to Wm Hewet of Ledsham and Jane Hewet.
  • 3 sons of my brother Thos.
  • Agnes my wife, residue, executor.

Richard Hewet of Fairburn in Ledsham, Yorks 1551

Source: Google

  • Agnes Hewet dau-in-law and John her son
  • Thomas my son of Begall, Wm Hewet and Thos sons of Thos.
  • John my son, and John his son
  • Jane Hewet beinge in the house with me.
  • Eliz and Marg my daughters.
  • Wm Hewet of Ledston
  • Thos Hewet of Ferborne.
  • Elsabethe my wife, executrix,
  • Wm Hewet a witness.

Sir Henry Amcottes  1554

Source: found by Google

Alderman of London

  • To my son in law Thomas Hewet [brother of LM Wm] a black gown and to his wife another.
  • All lands in Surrey and Sussex to wief
  • Dame Johane for life then manor of Sheremerke with parke called Iffelde in tenure of John Wasshford and John Swane to Henrie Hewett sonne and heire to Thomas Hewett and my daughter Julyan his deceased wief
  • to Hamonde Hewett another son ditto Tenement Robert Saunders holdeth of £6. 8s yearly value
  • to William Hewett another son [ie Dunton Bassett] ditto my manor of Stook of yerly value of £4 with tenements held by Henry Hengear, Roger Vpton and Willyam Rowley. [I can’t find Stook]

John Hwett of Shenley, Herts 1555

Source: “County Record Office Huntingdon”

  • Margeret my wyfe
  • John Tomlins iiii children, Jone his wife my dau
  • John Hwett of Sandrydge my overseyer

Christopher Hewit of Elvaston, Derbs 1555

Source: Lichfield

Elvaston is west of Long Eaton

  • Buried in Ockbroke (Ockbrook, Derbs)
  • Recherd my son (& it’s in the same (hideous) handwriting as will of Richard Hewett of Sandiacre 1558)
  • bequeath to Robert Hewet
  • Jona my wife — possibly of Lockes family
  • Some to Thos & Recherd Stamford
  • Bequests to Hybbert, Fowke, Thos Adam
  • Thomas my son as overseer.
  • see Thos Huet d1565, and John Hewitt 1576 for apparent link.

William Hewyt of Kypax (Kippax), Yorks 1556

Source:  York 15-1

  • Says he is William Hewyt in Ledstone, but is buried in Kypax.
  • Margaret my wife.
  • Mention of John Hewyt; not clear, possibly son or cousin.

John Howet of Clyfton (Clifton), Notts 1557

Clifton is between Long Eaton and Ruddington.  See transcript.

Source: York 15-2

  • Jennet my wife.
  • Cynele (maybe Cycele) and Alice my daughters

John Hewett, serchar (customs searcher) of Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorks 1558

Source: York 15-3-394

Difficult to read, and much missing due to tight binding.

  • wife Elizabeth
  • sons James and Thomas
  • brother Robert Bonyngham
  • more bequests, but hard to read.

Robert Hewet of Ampthill, Beds 1558

Source: Derek Hewett book.

  • buried St Andrew Ampthill
  • bequests to Ampthill church, and the poor of Milbrook, Stepingley, Flitwick and Malden
  • Margerie my wyfe: farm in South Mimms in tenancy of Jhon Simonds; also lands in Bedford and Millbrook which are to end up with later sons Arthur and Robert
  • eldest son Francis: lands in parish of Kingsbury or Colnay
  • second son William: lands in Narthehaull, Herts
  • son Arthur: lands in Ampthill
  • son Robert: lands in Dunstable, Harlington, Maldon, Flitte, Bullock Hill, Flitweke and Stepingley
  • son Edmund 10 pounds [he was a minister]
  • daughters Dorothie and Elizabeth, fifty pounds and a (further?) 100 marks
  • daughter Anne Audley 10 pounds

Thomas Hewet of Bedford, Bedfordshire 1558

Source: In Derek Hewett book, transcription p183

  • Buried St Paul’s churchyard Bedford, next to graves of sons Thos and Edward
  • Mother Church of Lincoln (implies born there)
  • wife Elizabeth
  • William Hewet my son; Anne my daughter; Eliz Hewet my dau; Eliz Warde my dau; sons John and Thos
  • Derek Hewett identifies the last Thos with the Precentor of St Davids

Richard Hewett of Sandiacre, Derbs 1558

Source: Lichfield.  Transcript.

  • Alice my wife as executor
  • rest divided Wm Howet, John Howett, Elesabet Howet and Alis Howet
  • John Howet one of the overseers; Thos and John Carter the others (perhaps brothers-in-law?)

Richard Hewet of Dronfield (or Milnthorpe) , Derbs 1562

Source: Lichf

  • buried St John Baptist in Dronfield
  • Jone Baychane?? my daughter
  • father-in-law Christopher Kinge
  • Agnes my dau
  • Agnes my wife

Robert Huett of Newton Bromshold (Northants) 1563

Northamptonshire, near border Bedfordshire

Source: Northamptonshire Record Office

  • son Edmond, wife alice
  • sons Antonye and John
  • dau Rose
  • godson Robert Huett

Leonard Hewet, Clothworker of London 1565

  • Source: UK Archives PROB 11/48
  • assets in Flanders and Ynglond
  • my late master Edmund Burton’s children
  • 30s to godson Wm, son to brother John H
  • 20s to Wm’s brother Thos
  • 20s to poor people of St Martin’s parish
  • 20s to poor people of Wales Yorks
  • 68s to godson Leonard ?edam of North Country
  • brothers John, Nicholas, Anthony, sisters Katherine Fossett, Prewdence Fye??, and Mawde Hewet
  • brother Thomas Hewet, executor [who seems to have died about the same time as Leonard]
  • cousin Wm Hewet of Kinolmarsh overseer
  • cousin Henrie Hewet of London (son of Thos) overseer
  • bro John clothworker to have nothing to do with ferrying or paying for anything
  • reference to Master Hewet and Osbourne
  • some very complicated stuff on loads of cloth in Antwerp.
  • Some things in Antwerp in the hands of Nicholas Hewet, to be restored to Master Thos Hewet
  • Cotton to go to Master Osborne
  • Wm described as cousin [hence may mean brother of Henry], Henry son of Thos is a cousin.

Jennet Hewyt of South Kirkbie, Yorks 1566

Source: York 17-608

  • my sister Willm something’s wife (perhaps Smith)
  • Walter Hewet
  • Thos Hewit
  • sister Cicelie Hunter
  • crap handwriting, might be able to get more out
  • several dealing swith Pontefract Yorks(Pomfret)

Thomas Huett of Elvaston (Derbs) 1565

Source: Lichfield B/C/10i/6f63.

Emote his widow is the Executor.

There is also a will of 1564 which gives the same information, and mentions children.

5km from Long Eaton.  [see Emote Hewyt d1567]

Emote Hewyt of Ockbrook, 1567

my children, my brother William Cook, Robert my son as Executor.

Edward Hewett of Aberforthe (Aberford), Yorks 1567


  • Jennet my wife, Maude Hewet my daughter. (executors)
  • Leonard Hewet my bastard son, if he be alive.
  • Katherine Hewet my bastard daughter
  • think this is Leo’s father, and bro of LM Wm

Sir Wm Hewet, LM of London 1567

Source: Rotherham website

  • to his nephews, Henry, and William Huet, sons of his brother Thomas Huet, his mansion and dwelling in Philpot Lane in London.
  • kinsman Wm Hewet of St Dionis
  • Frances son of Henry Hewet
  • Wm Hewet my godson and Henry H his brother
  • cousin Henry Hewet of Bylbie & Joseph his brother

William Hewett of Morley, Derbs 1574

Source: Lichfield.

  • bro Thos
  • Gefferey Hewett my bro Roger’s son
  • wife’s children John & Margaret Woodward, also their bro Thos Woodward – Robert Woodward was their father
  • Katheryne Hewett kinswoman
  • Elyn Bestwicke god-daughter

William Hewyt or Hewitt, Laborer of Hellidon, Northamptonshire 1574

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/56

  • all to Wm Addishe

Thomas Hewett, Clothworker of Saint Clement Eastcheap,
City of London 1576

Source: PROB 11/58  Transcript

  • wife Eliz
  • son Henry
  • a later son Wm got an extra 100 pounds
  • dau Bridget
  • cousins Wm and Nicholas
  • To Thomas Hewett, wyerdrawer, thirtie shillinges.
  • To Nycholas Hewett, scryvenor, twentie shillinges.
  •  Manor of Sherox
  • dau Stapers

Thurston Hawet of Woodson, Hunts 1576

Source:  UK Archives

  • bailiff of Woodson in Hunts
  • buried Church of Woodson
  • Johane his wife
  • John H his kinsman dwelling in Cambs
  • bro Thos children in Lancs
  • bro James’ children in Lancs
  • sister Margs children in Lancs
  • Wm H my kinsman in Lancs, executor
  • John Manastie my son-in-law

NB – there is a memorial to Thurston Hewett in 1551, at St Margaret’s Westminster.  No, this looks like a christening, burial 1573 which could be right if probate took a while. His relatives used Hewett and Howett as surnames.

John Hewit, husbandman of Ansley (apparently Derbyshire), 1576/77.

Source: Lichfield

Mentions Amdonas in Anston — actually Elvaston Derbs.

Daughters Issabel and Alice.  Wife Margery.  Sons Thomas (heir) and Robert.

John Hewett, Haberdasher of Saint Mary Bothaw,
City of London 1579

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/61

  • had unnamed children
  • wife Elizabeth

Richarde Hewyt, Husbandman of Weeley, Essex 1586

Source: UK Archives D/ABW 19/120

  • sons (in order) Richard, Roberte, Daniell, Josepth, John.
  • wife Margerie
  • sister Hewytt
  • bro’s children Eliz and Wm

Thomas Hewette, yeoman of Killamarsh, Derbs 1586

Source: Lichf

  • will dated 1583
  • Johan dau of Agnes Bartram one heifer – god-daughter?
  • Ellen, Agnes, Margaret daus of my son John Hewette
  • all else to son John
  • Supervisor Gervaise Eyre Esq of Kyton Yorks, George Poole of Spinkhill gent, John Bromiley of Mosburgh Derbs.  Witnesses George Ball, Wm Morton & Christofer Ball.
  • John and Rychard H did the inventory

Thomas Hewytt of Wrelton, parish of Myddleton, Yorks 1587

Source: Borthwick V23 F433

  • wife Agnes, who is expecting a child (house lease and residue of estate)
  • Richard Hewit my son, who has sons Thos and Roger
  • Father-in-law Wm Smythe
  • Wm Hewit gets 4 pounds 3 shillings — relationship unclear
  • Brother Henry Hewytt
  • Other bequests to Elizabeth Coolinge, Wm & Robt Harrisonne, Hughe Coolinge

Roger Hewett, Alderman of Oxford,  1587

Source: PROB 11/71

  • buried St Mary Magdelene in Oxford.
  • Phillipp my brother, Roger his son
  • Joane my dau married Thos Wilson
  • Wm Mondaye my nephew, Margaret niece
  • Richard Owen my cosen
  • Richard and James my brothers
  • Wm Fryer my kinsman
  • I think he came from Exeter stock, and the Welsh connection

John Hewett of Weston Derbs, 1589

Source: Lichf

  • husbandman
  • money to poor of Weston, and the poor of Aston [on Trent], poor of Chellaston, poor of Swarkestone
  • worshipful Master Paget
  • burial Weston
  • sister Anne, sister Ellen Olershand?
  • my three children: sons John and Richard, dau wife of Edmund Shygo?, all children <21yo.
  • Edmund Shelton and John Michelson as overseers?

Nicholas Hewett of Killamarsh, Derbs 1591/2

Source: Lichf

  • inventory made by John and Thos Hewet, Nicholas Atken amongst others
  • will unintelligible

Richard Hewett of Killamarsh, Derbs 1592

Source: Lichf

  • inventory by John Hewet the elder, Wm Ward, Nich Atkyn, Geo Ward
  • all my lands to Wm Hewett my son at 21 yrs
  • Constance my wife
  • Wm my bro executor
  • other children
  • John my brother

Wm Howett of Gotham, Notts 1594

Source: ???  See transcript.

  • wife Grace
  • son Roger, and his sons George and William
  • sons William and James
  • daughters Margery Dollfynn/Dawwson, Jillian Howett, Elizabeth Redfearne, and ??? (decd?) wife of Thomas Baker
  • Witnesses John Wynfield, Henry Towle, and Willm Towle; the Towles had links to Sandiacre

Wm Howett of Fletton, Hunts 1594


  • youngest son Samuell
  • sister Katherine Pomerton
  • son John
  • Thomas Nichols’ children
  • Wm Howett, my servaunte and kynnesman
  • Alice Finch my sister
  • brother Henry Howett
  • to James and Robert Hodgson
  • to Wm and Agnes Howett children of Thos H, money left by uncle Thurston
  • Agnes Howett my wife (think she’s nee Manestie)
  • Thos Howett son to get windmill at age 21

Thomas Howet, Cropwell Bishop, Notts 1596

Source: Borthwick MF1153

An Administration, faint and heavily abbreviated Latin

  • Reference to Alicia Howet, probably wife or daughter appointed to administer a very modest estate.

Henry Hewett, Clothworker of Saint Mary Orgar, City of London  1598

Source: PROB 11/91

  • to be laid in the tomb where Sir Wm H my uncle and Margarett Webbe my first wife lie [her father Sir Wm Webbe]
  • father was buried in St Clements in Eastchepe
  • father-in-law Wm Hewet
  • brother-in-law Richard Staper and sister his wife
  • brother Mr Wm H gentleman
  • wife Marie
  • daughter Mary and Elizabeth
  • brother-in-law John Hewett
  • Solomon, Thos, Wm, my wife’s brethren
  • cousin’s son Hewet Staper
  • John Hewet my wife’s kinsman
  • own brother Wm
  • John Hewet my servant (as one of the overseers)
  • Manor of Sheremark in Surrey to wife, wife lands in Kent and London (detailed).
  • House of the 3 cranes in London, except the shop which goes to Henrie H my second son
  • Manor Lordship of Grange of Shereokes in Notts and Yorks
  • lands in Halstow and Hartlippe in Kent
  • Rainham in Kent purchased in name of son Henry
  • mostly to son Thos
  • son John Hewet
  • son Benjamin

John Hewett of Killamarsh, Derbs 1598

Source: Lichf

  • no bequests to Hewetts:
  • John Harry 12d as his child portion
  • John Cowley son to Robert Cowley
  • Joane Atkin dau to Nicholas Atkin late deceased
  • Friend Robt Waterhouse of Harthill as supervisor
  • Wm Hewett one of the inventory writers
  • I conclude this is the son of Thos Hewet d1586, who had 3 daughters. *

Thomas Hewett, carpenter of Pentrich, Derbs 1599

Source: Lichf

  • wife Luce [m Luce Alsobrocke at Horsley in 1591]
  • dau Dorathie
  • Calib Hewett an overseer
  • Edwd Seele another overseer
  • debt to Calop Hewit, John Nicholson, Wm Pynder, someone Harrikin
  • Debt to Wm Osbourne of Derby
  • Witnesses Wm Wilson, Calobie Hewit [clearly], Edward Seele

William Hewitt or Hewett, Clothworker of Saint Lawrence Pountney, City of London 1599

Source: PROB 11/94

  • brother John H of Killamarsh 300 pounds
  • sisters Agnes and Margarett (sisters by father’s side – illegitimate? or does this imply mother had an earlier marriage with children Eliz, possibly another Margarett, possibly Ralph Turner — see below?)
  • children of Nicholas Atkins (by a sister?)
  • children of sister Margarett dwelling at Staley
  • children of my sister Elizabeth
  • children of my brother Nicholas [from other material, he was a clothworker merchant in London, already dead by this time, children Samuel and Susan]
  • children of my brother Raphe Turner deceased
  • children of my daughter Marye Hewett [who married Henry Hewet]
  • Wm Ferris son to my late daughter Eliz Ferris
  • third son Thos Hewytt, executor
  • youngest son Wm
  • poor of the church of Killamarsh
  • brother John H
  • Alderman Hamson and my sister his wife
  • my sister Brooke
  • wife of Wm Roffe (late wife’s sister)
  • my four sons John, Thos, Solomon, Wm
  • Holy Rood Parke and Frierne [?] Park in Ellham and Stelling, Kent, to son Thos
  • Property at South Lambeth, Surrey, to son Thos
  • Property at Hornechurch, Essex, to son Thos (may show as Havering)
  • Manor of East Markham to son Wm
  • Lands in Holloway and Yedding Manor, Middlesex to son Wm
  • From material elsewhere, son Salomon got an estate at Rainham Kent.

Edmund Hewett of Lyam (Lyme), Cheshire 1601

Source: WC 1601

  • can’t get anything out of it.

John Hewett of Sawbridgeworth, Herts 1602

Source: D/ABW 20/18

  • wife Ellen
  • sons John (eldest) and Edmond, dau Joane

John Hewit of Blith, Notts 1602

Source: Borthwick MF 1156
Administration, heavily abbreviated faint Latin

  • son of Francis Hewit of Blith
  • administration to Gervase Hewit of Warsopp, Notts.

Edmund Hewett of Newton Broms, Northants 1602

Source: Northamptonshire Records Office

  • buried churchyard of Newton
  • Daughters Eliz and Marg and Alice and Jone and Katheryne
  • To Edmund Hewet of Higham Ferrers one stocke of bees
  • To Edmund Hewett the son of John H one sherehogge
  • To Edmund Hewet the sonne of Robert Hewet one swarme of bees
  • Son Robert Hewet
  • Brother Anthonye  [possibly brother-in-law]

Christopher Hewit of Hull and Harthill, Yorks 1602

Source: York MF 1157

  • Admon – to Thomas Hewit, relationship unclear

Robert Howitt of Widmerpoole, Notts 1603

Source: York 29-231

  • dau Eliz Hooton of Normanton
  • wife Alice to have a third
  • Son John to be excluded from part; his portion to daus Jane, Isabel, Jone & Dorothie.  But he gets a portion of goods, and is an executor with the wife.

Thomas Huett of Calverley, Yorks 1603

Source: York 29-268

  • Calverley is near Bradford.
    Difficult.  Try when fresh.

John Hewet Clothworker (and haberdasher?) of London, 1603

Source: 11/101

  • wife Elizabeth
  • children John and Katherine
  • wife’s mother Mistress Katherine Hampson
  • cousin John now keeping shop in London
  • neice and god-au Marie Hewet, dau?? of late Henrie and Marie H, and her sons Thos, Henry, John, Benjamin
  • Aunt Turner
  • church of St Dionis Backchurch where I was born
  • Lordship or Manor of Eastburne in the County of York
  • Hadley Hall in the County of York
  • Wilsthorpe? Farm in Sawley
  • Lordship of Kitchnower?? in Kent or Sussex

This looks like Sir Wm’s son

Salomon Huett or Hewett, 1604

Source: PROB 11/103.  See transcript.

  • Gives all to his brother Sir William.

John Hewit, Curate of Inglebie Arncliffe, Yorks 1604

Source: York 29-743

  • Inglebie Arncliffe is in northern Yorkshire.
  • Sister Allice.
  • John Howit the younger a witness.

John Howett of Middlesex  about 1604?

Source: PROB 11/116

  • mother church of Lincolne
  • children Thos (inherits) Wm, Eliz, Prudence, Joane, Margarett, Francys
  • poor people of Stalford
  • brother Stephenson

John Howett of Fletton, Hunts 1605


  • Samuell Howett my youngest brother
  • Aunt Pommerton of Whittlesea
  • cousin Wm H of Sawtrye
  • cousin Jeffrey Nicholls of E–Marshland
  • brother Thos as executor

John Hewett of Killamarsh, Derbs 1606

Source: Lichfield  Transcript

  • Will written 1604
  • Son Joseph [has son John] gets lands in Killamarsh the inheritance of Wm & Frances Parker, by lease of Master Wm Hewett late my brother, other lands in Killamarsh late the inheritance of Wm Hewett [should be Robert?] my father deceased.
  • Next son Humfrey, then Georg, [has 3 children] .  Says son Nicholas but I think it’s a misprint for Georg.
  • Humfrey to have a lease of lands in Killamarsh late the inheritance of Robt Sytwell.
  • Ellen Fox my daughter. apparently married to Wm, a dau Bridget.
  • Gartrude married to Thomas Tayler, had seven children.
  • Nicholas Hewett my son Georg’s bastard.
  • Alice Morton my daughter, married John, 2 children.
  • Alice my wife.
  • sister Margarett
  • bridget fox –looks like neice, possibly a servant. <20 yrs.
  • The wife of Henry Hewett gets a silver ring. (Henry is a witness).
  • Land in Heblesthorpe now in the tenure of Thomas Tayler.
  • Own home in Comon Lane.
  • inventory by Nicholas, George, Wm Hewett
  • Apparently there had been another son Henry, with young son Thomas – both dead before this will.

William Hewett, Gentleman of Dunton Bassett, Leics 1607

Source: PROB 11/110

  • buried at Dunstan Bassett
  • wife Dorothie
  • son Wm
  • nephew Thos and John
  • bro Henrie and his dau Marie and son Henry
  • nephew Beniamin
  • cousin John Hewett of London
  • Richard Stapers bro-in-law, and godson Hewett Stapers
  • Marie Symes mother-in-law

Robert Howet of Besthorpe, Notts 1608

Source: York 30-703

  • Besthorpe is near Weston Notts, and not much else.
  • husbandman
  • brother – maybe Markthane or Martynne
  • mother alive
  • wife Alice?

Could be the Waite of York (google this!)

Robert Hewett of Measham,  Leics 1609

Source: Lichfield

  • of Parkinton in Maysam – says it’s in Derbs.
  • John, Wm, Thos, Jane & Dionis Hewett
  • ref to Wm Hewett of Ashbie Delazouch Leics husbandman – administrator?
  • ~ 10 miles SW of Long Eaton

Thomas Howitt of Weston, Notts (not Derbs) 1612


  • John Howitt my son
  • Eliz & Ann my daus
  • Margaret my wife
  • 5s to the poor of Long Eaton
  • Margaret Bury my wife’s daughter.
  • To my cousin Wm(?) Hanson
  • Eliz and Phillip Hanson.
  • [Note Wm of Killamarsh lists “Alderman Hamson and my sister his wife”

Robert Huett of Nottingham  1617

Source: York V34 f621

  • Awful writing but English
  • buried churchyard of St Marys Nottingham
  • Thomas [Leynett?] my brother 15s
  • to every one of my sisters children ???
  • Ellin my loveing wife and Ellin Hewett my daughter

Christabell Hewett, widow of Nottingham 1618

Source: York 35-343

Very messy writing – maybe come back to.

  • Buried St Margaret’s. [Nott?]
  • Alice Slater wife of Christofer Slater.
  • Bridget Hill
  • Sister Morris
  • Many other names.

John Howet of Ecclesfield, north of Sheffield, 1619

Source: York 36-44-1

  • Husbandman, servant of Thos Hollard.
  • Thos Mathau
  • xxx dau of Wm Carr
  • Robert Ellis
  • Rafe & Fraunces Wilkonson.
  • No mention of Howets.

Dorothie Hewet, Widow of Hogsdon, Middlesex 1620

Source: PROB 11/136

  • widow of Laurence
  • buried St Leonards Shoreditch
  • dau Eliz Coxe, m Rich Coxe
  • dau Susanne Hawkhurste, m Rich Hawkehurste
  • son-in-law Rich Hawkyns

Sir Thomas Hewet or Hewett, 1624

Source: PROB 11/143

  • Some to Thomas Curwen, his natural son
  • Some to Sir Wm Hewett
  • hard going though probably readable
  • cousins John and Samuel

Ann Hewett, Widow of London 1624

Source: PROB 11/143

William Hewitt of Burstead; Woollen Draper 1626

Source: D/ABW 48/206

  • wife Eliz

Sentence of William Hewett, Tallow Chandler of Saint Giles without Cripplegate, 1626

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/149 Latin – very complex (who writes in Latin in 1626???)

His widow is likely Jane 1637

  • sons Francis and Matthew
  • Jane is executrix – can’t see word “uxor” (wife)

James Hewett, Vintner of London 1631

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/160

  • wife Jane
  • son Richard, dau Sarah (
  • late sister Ann Bewly, late sis Rachell Thornaton, late bro John Hewett
  • unkle Thos Hewitt
  • parents-in-law Thos & Mary Abbott
  • tenement in Kingston-upon-Hull to son Richard
  • poore of the Liberty of Eastsmithfield
  • donation to the orphans of London

Francis Hewett, Haberdasher of London 1631

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/159

  • wife Ann
  • son Francis, dau Eliz
  • natural brothers Rob, Thos, Nich
  • sister Agnes
  • Allen Hethersale my sister Joane’s son
  • father-in-law Richard Jenninges
  • “unkle” Nich Elliott
  • cousin Jennings of Perham and friend Wm Wilkinson to be executors

Thomas HEWITT, Husbandman of Stapleford Tawney, 1634

Source: D/AEW 19/281

Sir William Hewitt of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex 1637

Source: PROB 11/175

  • Buried Sawbridgeworth.
  • Dorothy Steele widow
  • Sir Thos and John Hewytt, two of my sister Hewett’s children [ie sons of LM Wm’s nephew Henry]
  • Various Wiseman’s – wife’s family
  • bro-in-law George Ward and son Francis
  • daus Margarett and Anne, less than 21yo
  • Wm my second son.
  • Properties are extensive and include Elham, Stelling, Langdon, Streete, Earlbridge, Newchurch, CannonHall in Caltheron Yorks. [Update Jan2012: Elham is interesting because Edmund Hewet (likely Edmund the father of Lord Mayor William) bought land in Elham Kent.  Is this coincidence, or are these Hewitts closer relatives to the LM than I currently think?  NB this William gets a specific mention in the LM’s will – which I have assumed is just because they lived at Killamarsh next to Wales, and this Wm’s daughter married the LM’s nephew.   Just a raised eyebrow at this stage.]
  • Rawroode in Caltheron, late in occupation of George Hewit,
  • Mentions Millfeildes property belonging to poor of Killamarsh
  • Dame Eliz my wife
  • Robert, 3rd son, for Raynham Kent, <21yo
  • Thos, 1st son and heir apparent.
  • Beniamin Hewet, a son of my sister Hewett, besides his legacy as a servant to John Hewitt draper, his bro Nicholas Hewitt (if he be living), Joseph another brother. [this bit about Nicholas and Joseph makes no sense to me, unless he means 2 sons of Nicholas of Bilby]
  • Nicholas Atkins of Killamarsh,
  • Bequest to John Hewytt son of Samuel Hewytt deceased, for apprenticeship.  John had a sister Susan.

Jane Hewett, Widow of Saint Giles without Cripplegate, City of London, 1637

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/173

See William d1626, apparently her husband

  • dau Rose Ambler, her children Humfrey & Martha
  • grandchild Sarah Brooke wife of John Brook
  • son of my son Francis Huet (
  • grandchildren Sarah Hewet, Wm & Eliz Hewett

Thomas Huett alias Hewet of Middlesex 1646

Source: PROB 11/197

  • son John

George Hewet or Hewett, Yeoman of Westbourne, Sussex 1647

Source: PROB 11/200

  • son Geo Hewett 20 pounds
  • wife Anne
  • dau Anne Hewett

Anne Hewett of Cropwell Bishop, Notts 1651

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/218

  • Older sons Henry (blind) and William
  • Younger sons Thos and Edmund; Thomas to get the lease of Swabb’s farm.
  • niece Grace Richardson, apparently dau of Bartholomew Richardson.  Her siblings George, Eliz, Sarah.
  • Rob Fillingham.

Henry Hewett of Long Eaton , Derbs 1653

Source: UK Archives 11/272

  • Son Wm – executor
  • son John – a house for life
  • dau Katherine – apparently unmarried.
  • dau Hales – married Sulley
  • dau Eliz, married Wm Gorton, children Eliz, Jane, Wm
  • dau Ann – married John James, son John

William Hewett, Yeoman of Saint Botolph without Aldgate, Middlesex 1654

Source: PROB 11/233

James Hewett, planter of Nevis, Bermuda 1656

Source: PROB 11/257

  • Father Henry Hewett of Donnington under Castle Donnington
  • (Administration actually went to his only brother)

William Hewett, Gentleman  1657

Source: PROB 11/262

  • son Wm Hewitt
  • -daus Ellianor and Mary
  • Mary my wife
  • estate of Cursells

Sir Thomas Hewytt of Pishonbury, Hertfordshire, 1662

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/309

  • wife Margarett
  • daus Dorothy, Anne, Arabella, Mary, Jane
  • son George [later Viscount]
  • lots of sisters incl Lady Paston w of Sir Wm Paston (many of this family’s letters survive)
  • uncles Thos and Edw Wiseman
  • niece Marg, dau to bro Robert, and her (unnamed) brother

George Hewit of Weston, Notts 1663

Source: York V46 f250

  • buried churchyard of Weston
  • Brother Wm’s wife Margaret, and a daughter Mary
  • Sister Sikes, has son John.  Wm Sikes my kinsman (brother-in-law?)
  • Sister Duglas has two sons, Richard Emerson and William Dewick
    [note Douglasse Hewet b1599 to Geo Hewet]
  • Goods divided between ? Wm Sykes and Wm Hewit.
  • some more minor bequests
  • [other birth records: children
  • Alice dau of John Alcock
  • wife of Edward Deal?? my kinswoman
  • Thomas Tayler
  • Mary Thorpe kinswoman
  • Mary Hewit my brother Wm’s dau; Margaret Hewit is Wm’s dau
  • My bro Sikes, my bro Wm’s son Wm

William Howet of Eastwood , Notts 1667

Source: details from Brian H Nottingham, updated by me from scan

  • Wife Elizabeth, previously England, originally Wilkinson?
  • Sons Robert, John, Richard, Geo (<21)
  • Sisters Eliz Mouson and Ann Munte
  • Daughter Meriall Harrison
  • Maid Elner White

Sir William Hewytt of Breckles, Norfolk 1667

Source: UK Archives PROB 11/324

  • wife Ursula
  • sons John, Wm, Gardiner
  • daus Eliz, Marg, Ursula
  • late father-in-law John Webb Esq

Robert Hewet of Waresley, Hunts 1674

Source: PROB 11/344

  • sister Anne
  • Hester Hewet eldest dau of John Hewet

John Hewet, Gentleman of London 1681

Source: PROB 11/368

  • wife Dorothy

John Howitt of Long Eaton 1694


  • nephew Henry Howitt had children Wm, Mary, Katherine, Rebeckah, John
  • John Lowne of Aston-on-Trent had children John, Mary, Anne
  • cousins Henry Trowell and Charles Trowell, kinswoman Jane wife of Wm Trowell
  • kinsman Stanhope Cotton, Katherine wife of Berrissford Cotton Esq
  • Henry Sulley had children Thos, Wm, Henry, Alice
  • Thomas Hewett (note spelling) a witness.

William Howitt of Heanor, Derbs 1798

Source:Brian Howitt

  • wife Mary
  • son Thomas is sole trustee, 50 pounds and residue of estate
  • eldest son John 250 pounds [later of Leicester]
  • son William 5 messuages in Heanor
  • dau Mary Woodcock

Thomas Howitt of Heanor, Derbs 1848

Source:Brian Howitt

  • wife Phoebe
  • son Francis Tantum Howitt
  • son Emanuel Howitt and Joseph Smith (son-in-law?)
  • sixth parts to sons William, Richard, Godfrey
  • late son Thomas, who had children

3 Responses to Wills

  1. Richard Youatt says:

    Am interested in the identification of Sir Thomas Hewet recoreded as one of the Roanoke “Lost Colonists” in 1587.

    Do you have any idea how he might tie into the Hewets that you have identified?

    Richard Youatt (descendent of Hewet/Huets )

    • cockatrice says:

      This is discussed in my mysteries page; see home page. I have no evidence that Thomas of Roanoke was a sir; I think that was a later guess. Is your family from Exeter? I might have some interesting info.

  2. Richard Youatt says:

    Yes… you can see the detail of the Exeter origins on http://www.youatt.co.uk.
    I have read (prior to this post) and with much interest your mysteries page on the Thomas of Roanoke page.

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