I have transcribed a number of wills.  I have a more comprehensive list of notes from wills, available by arrangement.

1507 – Thomas Hewet of South Mimms

1542 John Hewett of Newton Broms

1557 John Howet of Clifton

1558 Rychard Howet of Sandiacre

1560 — Francis Hewet of Walles

1563 – Thomas Huet of Ockbrook

1565 – Leonard Hewet

1573 – Katherine Hewet of Killamarsh

1594 William Howett of Gotham, Notts

1599 William Hewitt of Killamarsh

1604 Salomon Huett

1606 John Hewitt of Killamarsh

1612 Thomas Howitt of Weston

1653 Henry Howitt of Long Eaton


3 Responses to Wills

  1. Richard Youatt says:

    Am interested in the identification of Sir Thomas Hewet recoreded as one of the Roanoke “Lost Colonists” in 1587.

    Do you have any idea how he might tie into the Hewets that you have identified?

    Richard Youatt (descendent of Hewet/Huets )

    • cockatrice says:

      This is discussed in my mysteries page; see home page. I have no evidence that Thomas of Roanoke was a sir; I think that was a later guess. Is your family from Exeter? I might have some interesting info.

  2. Richard Youatt says:

    Yes… you can see the detail of the Exeter origins on http://www.youatt.co.uk.
    I have read (prior to this post) and with much interest your mysteries page on the Thomas of Roanoke page.

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